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Eytan Lerner is an experienced therapist who specializes in working with infants and children who are diagnosed on the Neurodevelopment spectrum. In his work, Lerner implements a variety of therapeutic methods, such as the Anat Baniel NeuroMovement  Method for Children with Special Needs, the Feldenkrais method and the JKA approach.

Lerner, who treats children with various problems and developmental delays of all sorts, has resolved to stimulate and encourage these children’s brains in order to support optimal functioning and enable an ongoing learning process that will, eventually, lead to more fulfilling lives.

Eytan Lerner is often invited to work with children and families worldwide. He is a staff member at the NeuroDeveloment Center for Children with Special Needs in Denmark, in addition to his work in Norway, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. Additionally, Lerner has recently been invited to work in London.  

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Children with Special Needs

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About me

For as long as I can remember myself, I had a deep passionate interest in finding ways to
improve and evolve as a human being.
I believe lasting changes are possible due to our ever elastic, constantly-changes brains, that adapts itself and to meet our needs.
My continuous search brought me Thirty years ago to the Feldenkrais method.
This modality is learning oriented uses movement and  attention as the basis for deep organic learning.
From my first experience onward, I found what I am looking for.
I felt how an endless horizons of possibilities suddenly opened up for me. While at the beginning I was using what I learned to solve my own issues Gradually, I realized that I can help others feel and change themselves in  profound ways.

For the last Twenty five years, I have been working with adults and children who seek to overcome their own physiological and neurological obstacles.
Be it artists and performance professionals, supporting their quest to refine their function and express themselves in more subtler  effortless ways , or adults and children suffering from a neurological or physical injury and condition which limits their
overall movement and daily life skills.
During these past Twenty Five years, I have been able to help many adults and children to
change and improve their lives, and truly thrive regardless of their initial condition, age or initial prognosis.
In 2008 I have started focusing my attention on children with special needs and opened the
Neuro Development center for movement. Training closely under Anat Baniel and her method out of California, I studied new ways of working with children with special needs.
Anat has evolved the brilliant work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and distilled its essentials to successfully with kids from various conditions I frequented Anat Baniel’s center in San Rafael, CA a few times between 2009 and 2014, got certified as an ABM NeuroMovement* practitioner, while keeping my clinic active.
I kept working with families and children gaining more and more knowledge and
experience’ perfecting and adjusting my craft in order to help infants and children improve and change. In my practice I see newborns, toddlers and children change in front of my eyes.
It is always a miracle and a wonder to watch– The miracle of the brilliant plastic brain when we know how to wake it up by speaking to it with its own language- Movement with attention. Since 2014 I have been invited to work with families and their kids world wide for intensive clinics.
How it works – We meet for a period of what we call Intensive, in which I introduce to the parents and caregivers the Neuro Movement  and the Feldenkrais approaches to children and work with each child twice a day for a period of 5-7 days- the purpose is to wake up the brain to a different experience of learning and help them thus get beyond their limits and experience. Each sessions is dedicated to working with the child while teaching the parents new strategies for carryover and supporting the child’s changes.
The parents encourage and observe changes in their child’s life and
shift the paradigm from fixing the child to meeting them where they are at and connecting with them.
Some of the areas I have been working in are Scandinavia, the Middle East, the Ukraine,
Europe and lately Africa and Canada.
It is delightful to see how the children and their families are going through metamorphosis
and thrive through this work.
Throughout these years I have not abandoned my work with adults. I kept seeing private and led group sessions and workshops to various audiences: Health professionals, musicians and singers.

In 2017 I added the Jeremy Kraus Approach (JKA) to children with special needs to my tool box.
I successfully work with children on the Autism spectrum, children with CP and various other
neurological conditions, genetic disorders, motor or cognitive impairments and delays, kids
with ADD, ADHD and more.
My experience is that my vision holds true: people can get better and better regardless of
age or initial condition given the right path and way to their own brain and experience

BA in business administration.

A Feldenkrais method training with Anat Baniel

In addition to participating in various ABM, Feldenkrais and JKA training and workshops, I was certified as a Senior Feldenkrais practitioner and teacher by Yohannan Riwernt’s (one of
Moshe Feldenkrais’ first students) Advanced Feldenkrais training for senior practitioners

Certified ABM NeuroMovement practitioner

2017 ;
JKA approach of the Feldenkrais method for children with special needs 
I was a student at the Lewinsky Choral-Singing School, performing with different acapella
groups, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and also hosted different musical events.

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  • +1-204615-7128
  • +1-431-5887477
  • eytan.lerner@gmail.com
  • 474 Morley avenue R3L0Y9. Winnipeg ,MB Canada
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